Sunday, September 23, 2012


  I recently watched an amazing documentary about the importance of being happy and how to find true happiness. What I loved MOST about the documentary that it was so evidence-based and gave scientific case studies and research confirming what it is that makes us humans MOST happy!

The studies they've conducted have actually proven that those who are most happy are the ones focused on accomplishing intrinsic goals (based on a desire for personal growth, building relationships, and helping and serving others) rather than those who focus on extrinsic goals (money, status, image, and popularity) and who, as a result, were depressed, lacked purpose, meaning, and had anxiety.

The ultimate factor of happiness? Love. Compassion. Building community, serving others, being kind to others. Practicing selflessness. The happiest people in the world were those who focused on doing one random act of kindness a day, to possibly someone they did not even know, and to someone whom they did not expect anything in return. It is practicing and sharing this kind of unconditional, selfless, and joyful love that makes us most at peace, most fulfilled, and most-of-all, most happy!

I've included the trailer, as well as an interview with the filmaker Tom Shadyac and Ellen Degeneres... If you get a chance to watch the documentary, I'd say it's well worth-it! Definatley a must-see that will make you feel happier just watching! ;-)


love to you all  -brigitte xoxo

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Wooohhoooo!!! ;D 
I've been working on an inspirational book series for the past few years for teens and young adults. Part 1 of the series, TNT: TeeNage Transformation -Explosive Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind and Change Your Life Forever! (for dating) is now out and available on Barnes &!

I'm very excited and I hope this book can serve as a tool of motivation to inspire others to achieve their best possible relationships and fulfillment in all aspects of life ;D

You can read more on my motivational blog :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Calling all Bloggers!

Any fellow bloggers from the San Diego area who need help taking photos and would like to do a collaboration, contact me through your blog! :-)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hearst Castle

Second Stop...
The spectacular Hearst Castle! The Opulence and magnificent history of the Castle grounds are absolutley astounding.

William Hearst was a newspaper tycoon, cattle owner, and heir to one of the wealthiest men in the world. His father struck it rich during the California Gold rush, when he found not gold, but silver ore. As a child William Hearst gained inspiration when he and his young mother (19 to be exact!) traveled the world. He began collecting artwork, and by the age of his late 40s decided to build a home on the land he grew up in: The Hills of San Simeon. 28 years later, having faced seemingly insurmountable architectural obstacles, Hearst Castle was finished. Hearst originally referred to the estate as, "La Cuesta Encantada," meaning the enchanted hill.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Where Forest Meets the Sea

On the way to Big Sur, we stopped at a rest point on the side of the road. Pine trees covered the ground up to the cliffs that dropped down to the ocean. It was beautiful! I was wearing this beige lace maxi dress--I love the romantic, soft feel it gives me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Road Trip!

I took a road trip this past week through the coastline of California! It was so much fun and the sights were spectacular!
Some of the places we visited included: Big Sur; McKay Falls and Pfiefer Beach, Hearst Castle, and The Channel Islands; Anacappa...

First Stop... Big Sur!

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