Monday, July 1, 2013

"Pura Vida"

Days in Costa Rica consisted of breakfasts of Pinto Gallo with Lizano, relaxing at the beach, and exploring new colorful places.  Throughout our days we were greeted with warm smiles and native Costa Ricans sending out a friendly "Pura Vida," or "pure life." We visited a beachfront ranch and as a token of good hospitality were offered freshly cut coconuts right off of one of our hosts' trees. Mango juice, pina coladas, and the star-shaped carambola fruit were in abundance.  Here's one of the outfits I wore in Costa Rica. I love the vivacity of the colors and flowing shapes that mimic that of a tropical Costa-Rican flower. My multi-colored maxi dress and blown-glass accessories are from one of my favorite local stores, ChyCas Boutique :-)

And to match the laid back vibe of our days spent in the tropical Costa Rica, The Girl from Ipanema  by Astrud Gilberto , João Gilberto , and Stan Getz :-)

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