Sunday, June 30, 2013

Panama Day ???: Boca Chica & Isla Parida

"You know you're having a great vacation when you can't recall what day it is," was a common saying among my travel family. And that's exactly what had happened by the time we reached Panama. I don't think I've stumbled upon a more magical place than the Seagull Cove Lodge in Boca Chica. We arrived at night, a midst yet another spontaneous, tropical rain. We ran into the partly-outdoor lobby to shelter ourselves from getting wet. Moths the size of hummingbirds conglomerated around a rather eclectic lamp in the lobby, daintily fluttering together, grasping for a taste of Panamanian light. Just outside our shelter from the rain, we could hear birds of all kinds calling out through the night. The sound of rain pouring down against the trees, the occasional roar of thunder, and frogs voicing off almost melodically made for a magical night. 

The next day we headed off to a friend's private island, called Isla Parida. (Which happens to translate into something like "the Island of Giving Birth"--something I found quite amusing). We had our choice of well-named boats to choose from. There was "Sugar Mama" and another named "Sexy." We went with "Sexy." 

 Upon arriving to the island, there was no remarkable architecture or populated beaches. It was simply untouched, indescribable beauty. White Sand, Green Palm Trees, and and Aquamarine blue ocean. Need I say more?
 Just when I was getting used to the Island life, swinging in hammocks between palm trees, drinking coconut water from freshly picked cocos, and chasing tiny crabs along the beach like a child would, it was time to bid our farewell. But our visit to Boca Chica and Isla Parida will forever always be a part of my fondest memories.

Costa Rica, Day 5: Waterfalls & Rainforests

It's raining heavily the morning of our second day in Costa Rica. As we head out to meet our forest tour guide, the rain ceases. Jorge is a kind man, no taller than me, sporting a smile and a large machete. We meet him at his home near the forest and are greeted by him and his brown-eyed, white-furred husky, Theo. 
Jorge leads us along the path to the forest as he tells us that his backyard is filled with artifacts the ancient natives left behind hundreds of years ago. "Nadie conoce este lugare, solamente yo," he tells us: "Nobody knows of this place, only me." As we trek deeper into the forest, hiking through the river and up tree-covered mountain tops, Jorge tells us of the different animals of the forest: the tepezcuintles, the cherengas, and capuchin monkeys to name a few. We see an abundance of green and white layered rocks. Jorge tells us its a quartz and other-rock mixture, and can only mean one thing: Gold. 

We finally arrive at a large fallen tree, adorned with moss, purple flowers, and luminescent panellus (bitter oyster fungi). We've reached our destination: It's a beautiful waterfall enclave. Forest surrounds us and above us us a green canopy of life and beaming light. The water is cool and fresh: A refreshing treat after a long hike in a dense jungle.  The feeling you get from the forest, the cool water, and fresh mist of the waterfall can be described as none other than magical. You are in a dense forest, untouched by man; it feels as if you've walked out of real-life and into a fairy tale where everything is vivid and alive. 

After our hike back through the forest, we bid our farewells to Jorge and thanked him for our wonderful journey. Although it was our last day in Costa Rica, we couldn't help but feel that one day we would once again return to the magical forest of life, water, and color. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 1: Island Hopping in Bocas Del Toro

After staying at Hotel Mykonos in Santiago, we started our official vacation by Island hopping through the archipelagos of Bocas Del Toro... First stop was the beautiful white-sanded beach and turquoise blue water of Isla Zapatilla.

Next, we headed over to Cayo Coral.... This island was slighlty more inhabited than the beautifully desolate Isla Zapatilla. Brightly painted homes rested on the water, crabs scurried in abundance all across the muddy earth, and macaws squawked in trees, preened on boats, and flew overhead. 

Our final destination was Red Frog Beach on the Island of Bastimentos where we stayed for the night at the Red Frog Beach Resort.

Cool and refreshing mango juice satiated our tastebuds and quenched our thirst.

We explored different trails that took us through the forest and directly to the clear blue ocean water and sandy beach.

Each Island was spectacular and breathtaking in it's own way. To me, the untouched beauty of the Islands is unsurpassed--awe-inspiring, magnificent, and paradisaical are the best terms I can conjure up to describe the aesthetic quality of these locations. 
This was only Day 1, the beginning of our journey... I couldn't wait to see what else was in store for the rest of our trip... Stay Tuned! ;-)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cayo Coral

Pristine waters of turquoise and blue, green tropical trees as far as the eye can see, and beautiful, brightly-painted houses that rest atop of the water. Crabs scuttle along every inch of the ground, and macaws squawk with excitement--this is Cayo Coral, one of the many beautiful archipelagos of Bocas Del Toro. Although this photo was not taken in Cayo Coral, this is one of the outfits I wore while on my trip, and was highly inspired by the brightly painted architecture of Cayo Coral. I'm wearing a top from Anthropologie, Capris from LOFT, and hand-beaded jewelry I got in Panama.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Travel Files: Panama & Costa Rica

I just came home from an amazing two-week journey throughout Panama & Costa Rica. It feels good to be back home, but I'm already reminiscing some of the amazing places we got to visit. I can't wait to share with all of you the photos I took of the remarkable and breath-taking scenery! Here's a few photos from my Instagram for now, but stay tuned for more pictures and travel journals on our adventures! :-)


I've always been a fan of rich colors and jewel tones, rock-inspired shades, and glitzy designs. I'm wearing an embroidered sheath cover-up by Black, and an amethyst tone monokini and matching leather & blown-glass bracelet and ring from Chycas boutique. I love tops like the one I'm wearing because they provide a great transition from beach cover-up, to adding a pair of shorts or jeans to stroll around the city. 

For more jewel-toned inspiration, check out the gorgeous Vogue Paris editorial "L'Heure Bleu" that I blogged about here. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

L'Heure Bleue

This editorial, "L'Huere Bleue," is from Vogue Paris' June/July 2010 issue. It features model Isabeli Fontana shot by Mikael Jansson. I love how the emerald green tones and rich royal blues and purples blend with the spectacular oceanic scenery. Enjoy!

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