Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! (Gift Ideas)

With Valtentine's Day around the corner, it's time to get ready to cozy up, cuddle up, eat chocolate, put on some music, and delve into the romantic comedies..

One thing I'd like to mention to all my single ladies and fellas out there, don't be mistaken... Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to excuse yourself to a day of self-pampering: Do your nails, get your hair done, bake some heart-shaped cookies and invite some friends over to help you eat them, have a movie night slumber party (I've never done any of these things on Valentine's day before, but they are all beginning to sound like very good ideas). And to all my single guy friends out there... REVEL in the fact that you do not have to spend any of your MONEY on someone else today, that you do not have to worry about pleasing someone else today, or spending all of your TIME on someone else, but can instead choose to use this time for whatever your little heart desires...

And to those of you who are so lucky as to find someone mutually attracted to your unique self, (or to those of you who just want to tell a friend, "Hey, thanks for being awesome") I've compiled a list of little goodies that make for a perfect Valentine's Day treat (For you, a friend, or that special someone)... Hope you enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day! (Gift Ideas)

1. First on the list is a nice card. There are a whole range of Valentine cards--anything from cute, whimsical, or witty, to sexy or romantic, to hilarious or just plain creepy, there is a card for every purpose you seek to fulfill. Despite the simplicity of a card, nothing says "I care about you" (romantically) or "You're an amazing person" (platonically) more than a few thoughtful words or flattering compliments. There are also some really funny Valentine cards to give out to your best friends for a "Hell Yeah I'm Single!" pick-me-up.

2. Second on the list are good ol' fashioned flowers and chocolates. What girl doesn't like pretty, colorful, nice-smelling, sweet-tasting things? Even better, when they come accompanied by a plush cuddly animal.

3. Jewelery-- You can get something romantic and expensive for that special someone, like a classic Tiffany Key or Heart Necklace. Or something a bit more reasonable for your mom, friend, or someone of your romantic interest like the darling "Bee Mine" or "Three Wishes" necklaces at Dogeared which prompts the gift recipient to make three wishes (A soul mate, new Louboutins, or more chocolate perhaps? The possibilities are endless).

4. Treat yourself to some Old Spice Body Gel, or buy some for a friend... because nothing quite says, "sex appeal" or "Dude, you're awesome, but you need to take a shower if you ever want to date again," quite like some Old Spice body wash does... (I've never experienced the effects of Old Spice but their commercials seem quite convincing).

5. Bath Salts--ahhh relaxation time.. Perfect as a gift or another self-pampering treat.

6. Treat yourself to some pretty underthings--Who cares if noone sees it? You'll feel like a million bucks sleeping like the gem that you are.

7. Perfume or Cologne. Another great item to be given or recieved. One of my all time favorites is "The Beat" by Burberry for Women, and Gucci for Men.

8. And finally, for all of your single friends who never cease to talk about being in a relationship... this is the PERFECT resolution to end all of their love-related grieviences (or at least get them to stop talking about them).

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