Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Dream

 Adorned with rose necklace, floral headband, and clothed in white linen, I spent the day feeling like a garden pixie. I love this outfit because out of the many simple things that put a smile on my face, two of them are part of this outfit: Roses and Lace (the other things that make me smile being chocolate, hugs, hats, sunsets, and salty sea air). Wearing such feminine and girly outfits reminds me why I so love to play dress up...

 I want to know, what makes you smile? ;-)
I hope you're all having a lovely week

5 Bloggers You Should Know About

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge a few of my favorite bloggers as well as share a few of my favorite looks from each which have inspired me to the core. Here are 5 of my favorite bloggers you'll definitely want to keep your eye on! You may have heard of a few of them, or not, but the talent and creative vision of these lovely ladies is one that you will be sure to enjoy. I present to you, 5 Fantastic Bloggers you Should Definitely Keep your eye on! ;-)

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

We all know I love all-things-Italian, and it's no different with one of my favorite Italian-native bloggers, Chiara Ferragni. You'll find Chiara travelling non-stop around the globe, sporting Alexander McQueen while posing in front of Milan's Duomo, relaxing in a gorgeous maxi dress in the villages of Santorini, wearing road-tripping retro attire in Glamour Russia, posing in Terry Richardson's jacket, or gracing the red carpet adorned with an Emilio Pucci gold & lace dress, or elegant gown for a gala. Check out Chiara's blog, The Blonde Salad 

Karla Deras of Karla's Closet

Besides having a complete affinity for Karla's timeless and always seemingly-effortless style, I never get tired of seeing her travel pics as well as all her yummy Raw culinary confections and recipes (like this delectable kale and caramelized onion pizza, or these coconut treats). In addition to our mutual love of fashion, travel, she apparently also seems to be a health nut! How cool is that!
If you like any of the previously stated, then you'll love seeing Karla as she fashionably poses in idealistic scenery along the Amalfi coastline, Santorini, and Athens as well as some of the delectable Raw Recipes she shares on her blog (like these tasty raw brownies! Yum!).

 Kelley Ash from Wild At Heart
So much of Kelley Ash's style reminds me of myself: She has a gypsy-meets-rocker-meets-hippie kind of vibe, and although you may not have had a full chance to see that side of me on this blog yet, I can assure you much of her 70's-inspired style is a reflection of that which I love. You'll likely see Ash sporting some desert boots, amazing vintage fur coat, or gorgeous bohemian gown--as well as lots of lace and floppy hats. Whether Ash is trekking along the dessert clad in boots and bohemian dress, or posing in front of the Hollywood sign while road tripping across the good ol' U.S. of A. this girl's got an All-American, wild-child vibe that will be sure to melt your little fashion-loving heart. Check out her blog Wild At Heart.

Louise Ebel of Miss Pandora

I think what I love most about Louise's blog (aside from having a flare for all-things-Parisian, and not to mention her impeccable taste in fashion), is that she incorporates inspiration from the art history world as part of her creative vision (These posts are a great example, where she pays homage to Edgar Maxence, recreates Russian paintings, and channels a celestial-like Venus seen in artworks throughout the centuries) . Being a both a fashion fanatic and a huge art history enthusiast myself, I truly believe her blog is an incredible compilation of the best of both worlds. If you love art or beautiful photos adorned with peacock feather accessories, roses, black lace, and Gothic styles inspired by the history of artworks, then you'll love Miss Pandora.

"Vita K." from La Vita Mia

 I'm not quite sure if "Vita" is is her real name, or if it's just a cover name, but regardless, Vita has a timeless, classic style sure to please any retro-adoring, Anthropologie-loving, travel junkie with a flare for fashion. You'll catch Vita strolling the farmer's markets of Italy, exploring the streets of Venice in an elegant gown on a tropical beach,  clad in a warm fur coat in winter, strolling botanical gardens in fall, or wearing a vibrant retro dress in Rome. You'll be sure to love this Russian bombshell's amazing taste and classic style. Check out Vita's blog at La Vita Mia.

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