Sunday, June 30, 2013

Panama Day ???: Boca Chica & Isla Parida

"You know you're having a great vacation when you can't recall what day it is," was a common saying among my travel family. And that's exactly what had happened by the time we reached Panama. I don't think I've stumbled upon a more magical place than the Seagull Cove Lodge in Boca Chica. We arrived at night, a midst yet another spontaneous, tropical rain. We ran into the partly-outdoor lobby to shelter ourselves from getting wet. Moths the size of hummingbirds conglomerated around a rather eclectic lamp in the lobby, daintily fluttering together, grasping for a taste of Panamanian light. Just outside our shelter from the rain, we could hear birds of all kinds calling out through the night. The sound of rain pouring down against the trees, the occasional roar of thunder, and frogs voicing off almost melodically made for a magical night. 

The next day we headed off to a friend's private island, called Isla Parida. (Which happens to translate into something like "the Island of Giving Birth"--something I found quite amusing). We had our choice of well-named boats to choose from. There was "Sugar Mama" and another named "Sexy." We went with "Sexy." 

 Upon arriving to the island, there was no remarkable architecture or populated beaches. It was simply untouched, indescribable beauty. White Sand, Green Palm Trees, and and Aquamarine blue ocean. Need I say more?
 Just when I was getting used to the Island life, swinging in hammocks between palm trees, drinking coconut water from freshly picked cocos, and chasing tiny crabs along the beach like a child would, it was time to bid our farewell. But our visit to Boca Chica and Isla Parida will forever always be a part of my fondest memories.

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