Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 1: Island Hopping in Bocas Del Toro

After staying at Hotel Mykonos in Santiago, we started our official vacation by Island hopping through the archipelagos of Bocas Del Toro... First stop was the beautiful white-sanded beach and turquoise blue water of Isla Zapatilla.

Next, we headed over to Cayo Coral.... This island was slighlty more inhabited than the beautifully desolate Isla Zapatilla. Brightly painted homes rested on the water, crabs scurried in abundance all across the muddy earth, and macaws squawked in trees, preened on boats, and flew overhead. 

Our final destination was Red Frog Beach on the Island of Bastimentos where we stayed for the night at the Red Frog Beach Resort.

Cool and refreshing mango juice satiated our tastebuds and quenched our thirst.

We explored different trails that took us through the forest and directly to the clear blue ocean water and sandy beach.

Each Island was spectacular and breathtaking in it's own way. To me, the untouched beauty of the Islands is unsurpassed--awe-inspiring, magnificent, and paradisaical are the best terms I can conjure up to describe the aesthetic quality of these locations. 
This was only Day 1, the beginning of our journey... I couldn't wait to see what else was in store for the rest of our trip... Stay Tuned! ;-)

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