Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 4: Positano

Positano is a cliff-side beach town, carved directly out of the mountain. Brightly painted pastel-colored homes are stacked upon one another and mutli-colored petunias hang down from balconies.  Purple bougainvillea climb up the paint-chipped walls, and friendly felines rest in a slumber on the local's doorsteps. The church bells of Santa Maria Assunta call out-- announcing a wedding-- as we rest our heads on the pebble-covered beach. Bambino run around us in giddy laughter as we spend the rest of our day exploring this enchanting town. We get a taste of this town through the sights, scenery, and of course, enjoying some gellato and the town's famous Limoncello: A tasty mix of sugar, alcohol, and lemon zest. 
After enjoying a beach-view dinner at Chez Black, and checking out the town's beat-savvy discoteca: Music on the Rocks, we bid our farewells to Positano and headed back on boat to Amalfi.  I frequently return to Positano in my dreams, and look forward to the day that I can return to this marvelous sea-side town carved out of the side of the mountain. 

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